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In-House Classes


Twice a year - that is four times during the two-year option - one-week in-house classes offer the welcome opportunity to meet face to face. These seminars include seminars, teamwork, presentations, discussions, simulation games, and excursions. The pictures at the end of the page might give you some impressions. Besides teaching selected modules, the in-house classes usually come with a reception, an excursion, e.g., to the Reichstag or an institution with East European concern, a guest lecture by an international expert.

The in-house classes are usually scheduled for the end of September/beginning of October and the end of February/beginning of March. They start on Monday morning and finish by Friday afternoon.

In-house classes take place in Berlin. In Germany's capital you find not only the federal government but also all kind of non-governmental organizations, many of them with East European concerns and priorities. The East European migrants' scene is vibrant. Take your time to explore Berlin before or after the in-house classes!

Each module will be treated at least once during the in-house classes. Thus, instructors and students get a chance to meet personally. What is even more important: students get to know each other. Though electronic contact is frequent among students, instructors and program team, face-to-face communication is a welcomed change.

Students have to cover travelling and staying expenses on their own. Here is some information on accommodation in Berlin.

Important note for residents of Germany: According to the Berlin law on educational holiday (Berliner Bildungsurlaubsgesetz), professional training offered by universities is considered as recognized ("gilt als anerkannt") as educational holiday ("Bildungsurlaub"). Thus, our in-house classes can be classified as educational holiday. The regulations differ in the various federal states. Please contact us if you wish to profit from Bildungsurlaub.



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