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5. Information about costs & fees

Do you offer any scholarships?

Unfortunately, for the time being we cannot offer any financial assistance. You must pay tuition as well as the costs arising from attending the in-house classes on your own.

Can you advise on other scholarship opportunities?

Scholarships can be researched, e.g., either on the DAAD website or at the following scholarship data base (unfortunately only in German, but also for foreign students). Click here for a commented compilation of selected scholarship donors. You can also contact the relevant Freie Universität Berlin office. German students or students living in Germany can check for student loans here. Or you may take a look at the European Funding Guide.

What if I have trouble paying the tuition fee at once?

As a rule, tuition must be paid for one year in advance. However, we can offer the payment in quarterly or half-yearly installments.

Are program costs tax deductable?

In Germany, tuition fees as well as all other costs incurred concerning studying can be claimed in your tax declaration.

Can I finance my studies through training funds or student loans?

Under certain circumstances, training funds offer favorable financing opportunities for your master studies. In Germany, there are the Deutsche Bildung GmbH and the Bildungsfonds that support students up to 1,000 € per month. Several banks offer student loans. Please ask your bank for the conditions that apply.

Will my employer cover the tuition fees?

Your employer most probably appreciates your initiative to qualify further and is interested in you directly implementing the newly acquired knowledge within the organization. Some employers support their employees financially and cover the costs of their studies. Please ask your supervisor or HR manager for your options.