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The Last Modules for the Students of Our East European Studies 12th Run Start This Week

The students from both the 12th as well as the 13th run of the East European Studies online master program start this week with their modules on ´Economics´ and ´Project Management´. Upon successful completion of these two modules students of the 12th run are expected to start with the writing of their master theses. They are to graduate this fall.

News from Feb 06, 2018

Project Management with Julia Eder

East European Studies aims to not only familiarize its students with important theoretical approaches and the notion that theory and practice are interconnected, but also to prepare them for the professional life later on. The Project Management module has proven to be an essential part of the master program, because it conveys knowledge in the area of project design, implementation, control and documentation. Participants will be given practical tools and an overview of the theoretical framework and phase-model of project management.

Economics with Eugene Nivorozhkin

The module encompasses an economic analysis of the current developments in Eastern Europe. It provides students with basic knowledge of macroeconomic policy making, the interplay of institutions and economy, and its influence on the transitioning process from planned to market economy. Along with that, further subjects of study in this class are the functioning of national and international institutions, as well as concepts and terminology in regard to transition economies.

We wish all students best of luck and a successful completion of their modules!

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