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Keep track of Eastern Europe in Berlin

New page helps you stay notified of all of the latest cultural events related to Eastern Europe in Berlin

News from Mar 21, 2016

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany's capital has busied itself with becoming one of the most stimulating creative and political centres in Europe. Berlin's ties with Eastern and Central Europe however, did not break off following the end of the Cold War. With Germany’s growing role on the global and European field, the mutual understanding for and cooperation with the countries to the East increased as well. This development becomes manifest in the countless cultural and political institutions and organisations throughout the city.

Here in the very heart of Germany’s Eastern Europe expertise lies the Institute for East European Studies, an interdisciplinary regional institute housed at the Freie Universität Berlin. The Institute is providing programs and academic networks in Berlin and Brandenburg as well as in Eastern Europe.

Nowadays, the metropolis is buzzing with so many events, that even its citizens often lose track of what’s going on.

Taking this into account, the Institute for East European Studies launched a project to offer a handy solution: “Osteuropa in Berlin”

- You want to know which events are taking place during the next weeks in Berlin, but you simply don’t have the time to check the countless sites of all the institutions and organisations…

- No problem, just take a look at our new site “Osteuropa in Berlin”!

From now on, we are gathering all the discussions, lectures, performances, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, etc. for you.

“Osteuropa in Berlin” offers a clearly arranged overview of all the upcoming events, linked to Eastern and Central Europe in Berlin.

We hope you enjoy exploring!

Visit us on:  www.oei.fu-berlin.de/osteuropa-in-berlin. Suggestions for interesting activities are gladly received on aktuell@oei.fu-berlin.de.

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