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In-house Classes Continue for 4th Day

Students have learnt about Eastern European history on the fourth day of in-house classes.

News from Feb 25, 2016

The Center for Global Politics is now well into our most recent week of in-house classes. Students from the East European Studies (EES) master program offered by the center are completing a week of face-to-face classes. Despite most of their tuition being conducted online, making the learning process much more flexible, these blended learning programs also use in-classes as a way to give students the best of both worlds.

For several days now, the students, many of which have never met in person before, have been working together on campus at the Freie Universität Berlin to learn and discuss key issues in their field of study. As well, they are building up strong friendships and useful connections for their future careers. Furthermore, through coming to Berlin, they get to spend time in a city which is deeply connected to this development of Eastern Europe.

Today students continued this process with the 11th run of Eastern European Studies working through a lecture and discussion on the topic of Eastern European history and how it shapes the region’s present day dynamics. Following this they were asked to evaluate the CGP and its in-house classes, enabling further improvement into the future.

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