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East European Studies In-House Classes Begin

East European Studies online students will meet each other for the first time in person next week with the beginning of our in-house classes.

News from Sep 25, 2015

East European Studies Online at the Center for Global Politics is pleased to announce that it is about to begin the next round of our in-house classes. Starting on the 28th of September, the next of these bi-annual classes will be held on the CGP’s home turf at Freie Universität Berlin.

These classes are an exclusive opportunity for many of the students who are involved in online programs. While throughout their studies they interact with their fellow students and teachers, these in-house classes give students more grounded experience. Coming from across the world, CGP online students and their teachers for the first time will meet together in person, and work in a more traditional university environment.

Over a week of interesting lectures and learning modules, students will be able to broaden their studies of a number of topics related to global politics and international relations. Some of the more stimulating the topics to be covered in the coming week include an examination of changing patterns of governance and the evolution of the state, and a separate look into the eternal enigma that is the Russian Federation.

Our in-house classes are just one method that CGP uses to provide a differentiated and unique approach to online learning. While learning from afar has many advantages, these classes allow students the best of both worlds, enabling them to tap this program for interpersonal connections and a deeper understanding of the course material from their peers. Find out more about CGP’s online programs here!

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