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Professor Catharine Nepomnyashchy has passed away

East European Studies and Center for Global Politics suffer great loss

News from Mar 24, 2015

Sadly, our faculty suffers a great loss: Dr. Catharine Nepomnyashchy passed away last Saturday. From the start, Cathy has been a most valuable member of the East European Studies faculty at the Center for Global Politics at Freie Universität Berlin. She designed and co-authored the module on 'Humanities' and taught it to the numerous East European Studies runs. In the process, she revised the module constantly and experimented with challenging tasks. Her on-site teaching was a highlight of our in-house classes. Time and again her enormous knowledge and intellectual mobility impressed all students. It is hard to realize that Cathy will not remain a cherished part of our program. We will miss her and remember her fondly. We send our sincere condolences to Cathy's family and friends: we hope that you will find strength in sharing memories about her in these days.

Cathy also served on the faculty of Barnard College in New York for 28 years as both a professor in Russian Literature and Culture and the chair of the Slavic Department.You can find an obituary of Barnard here.

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