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Democracy in Russia under Putin

CGP-Director Prof. Klaus Segbers gave an interview for tagesschau.de on Vladimir Putin's ways of dealing with his critics.

News from Jul 04, 2013

May 2012: About 20.000 people demonstrate in the heart of Moscow against the results of the presidential elections in Russia. Following a clash with the police, numerous protestors get arrested. Ten of them still remain in custody awaiting jail sentences of up to ten years. Journalists and human rights activists believe they are imprisoned without reason. As expert on Russian affairs, CGP-Director Prof. Klaus Segbers gave an interview on tagesschau.de explaining the motives of the Presidential Administration for political repression of its critics.

There are two reasons for the administration's harsh reactions against public critique, Segbers said. "On a short-term basis the leadership wants to deter the opposition that has become stronger since the protests against the elections last year." Furthermore, the administration is unsure how to deal with complex challenges, such as globalization, economic competitiveness or Russia's place in world. The retreat to traditional Russian values is a means of showing certainty and power, Segbers said.

Watch the full television interview here.

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