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Day 2 of In-House-Classes for EES Students

EES In-House-Classes Day 2

EES In-House-Classes Day 2

After an inspiring and entertaining first day,  EES students reconvene for another set of interesting courses and an expert talk by Georgiy Kasianov.

News from Oct 11, 2016

The October in-house classes had their successful kick-off on Monday. Today, both EES students and instructors have been even more ambitious and dedicated to share thoughts and experience on their study focus topics. Be it during the Initiationmodule for the beginners or the Master Thesis Workshop for the advanced students, the Globalization, Information and Communication Technologies or Comparative Area Studies module, everyone engaged in lively conversations and tried to make the best of their time together in Berlin.

In the evening, CGP expert Dr. Georgiy Kasianov gave a talk on a fascinating and controversial topic: Politics of Memory in Ukraine and Eastern Europe in 1990s - 2000s. The historian, Head of Department of Contemporary History and Politics at the Institute of History of Ukraine, gave the students the opportunity to express their views on the subject during a lively Q&A session.

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