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Day 1 of October In-House-Classes for EES Students

EES In-House Classes 2016

EES In-House Classes 2016

Today, October 10, EES students meet at Henry Ford Building to start an inspiring week of in-house classes

News from Oct 10, 2016

Traditionally, the Center for Global Politics welcomes the EES students in the second week of October as an essential component of the EES blended learning master programs. The latest round of in-house classes started today at the Henry Ford Building, a venue well known by the senior CGP students. The EES students will have one week to enjoy the company of their instructors, peers and the program coordinators and discuss interesting issues related to their field of studies or their personal professional interests.

The new EES students will attend their introductory Globalization lecture, senior EES students are gathering for a final lecture and discussion on the topics of Global Risks and Uncertainties, and Energy. After the introductory classes, students, instructors and CGP hosts are going to have the opportunity to mingle and socialize during the Welcome Dinner.

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