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“Styling Russia” arrives at library

Free University’s philological library acquires book “Styling Russia”


News from Jun 22, 2015

East European Studies are not just about politics. For those interested in deepening their understanding and specializing their studies in the region, a complex understanding of historical and cultural processes in an East European context is indispensable. In the module “Humanities”, students of East European Studies have the opportunity to establish a frame of reference which allows a profound comprehension of the region’s history and culture, ranging from literary and religious traditions to conflicts and alliances with other countries or regions. In combination, these aspects create the complex and fascinating region that is Eastern Europe.

Providing solid and up-to-date scientific material for their students is an obligation of every high level university. The FU as a university of excellence is no different: the university’s many subject-specific libraries are constantly acquiring new titles and gaining access to worldwide databases, which are also made available to students. Most recently, the Philological Library has added the title Styling Russia: Multiculture in the Prose of Nikolai Leskov  to its collection, enriching the students of East European Studies research opportunities in the field of Russian literature and its influence in the political processes of the country. The author Knut Andreas Grimstad is a respected researcher specialized in the connection between Polish and Russian literature and social and political factors, such as gender and national identity. Besides this recent acquisition, the university’s libraries also offer many other titles from this author, including publications in Polish.

Students participating in online courses are not excluded from the privileges of the highly equipped FU libraries: every regular student is granted personal login details which allow access to the world’s best databases. The fairly simple research tool “Primo” offered by the university opens the doors to an endless universe of technical and scientific literature in all possible fields of research. In this modern day and age, most titles are available online and can be easily downloaded to all devices. This allows students located in any part of the world to have active and global professional lives without compromising the quality of their studies, organized in an individual and flexible manner. By offering a high quality online Master’s program in East European Studies, the Center for Global Politics is even going a step further: by not making young professionals be forced to choose between career and studies -- with all these helpful tools, you can do both!

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