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"I discovered the world anew"

We are looking back at an exciting and emotional graduation ceremony of East European Studies Online's 9th run at the Tomasa ballroom in Berlin-Zehlendorf.

News from Oct 24, 2013

© Udo Stelzer

The graduation of the East European Studies Online 9th run at the Tomasa ballroom in Berlin-Zehlendorf was definitely a highlight of the CGP in-house class. The ingredients of a fantastic night: a delicious buffet, music and dance performances, and lots of emotions. "My peers and I have put much effort for the last two years, which was by no means easy, and there were many times when we thought this finish line would never come," said East European Studies Online class speaker Alexandra Duegain. But the finish line came and time passed by fast. In the end, Alexandra said, all students were relieved and proud of themselves. "Besides the a diploma, I gained new friends, who made me discover some part of this world in a more concrete way, in spite of the cultureal differences."

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