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New book on Russian-German relations

"Germany and Russia in the Space of European Communications" ist the title of a new book co-edited by Prof. Andrey Makarychev.

News from Jun 18, 2013

Is it necessary to rethink German policy towards Russia against the background of the authoritarian devolution of Putin’s regime? Should decision-makers reconsider the concept of "strategic partnership"? What role do historical connotations of Russia’s imagery in Germany play and how do German media portray Russian political roles and identities?

These are some of the questions adressed by a new book, entitled "Germany and Russia in the Space of European Communications". The volume is a result of a joint project implemented by the University in Tyumen’ (Russia) and Free University of Berlin.

Co-editors are Andrey Makarychev (Professor at the University of Tartu, former Visiting Professor at FU Berlin and Instructor of East European Studies Online) and Andrey Devyatkov (University of Tyumen and guest scholar at the University of Tartu). The Introduction was written by CGP-Director Prof. Klaus Segbers.

Click here to download a PDF of the book in Russian.

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