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Graduation 2012

The reward for two years of hard work: Our students earned the master's degree.

News from Oct 30, 2012

Certainly the graduation ceremony for our eighth run was the highlight of our recent in-house classes. As has become already a tradition, it was celebrated at the Tomasa ballroom in Zehlendorf. As the temperature was quite low, the reception took place inside. Prof. Segbers opened the ceremony. Then Ingo Peters, member of our Joint Commission, addressed the audience, acclaiming the achievements of our new graduates. After a musical interlude from Ralf Zielke and Band the graduate speakers from East European Studies and International Relations Online respectively looked back on their years of studies.

Photo: Fredrik Gremmel

Finally the long awaited climax happened: Our graduates received their certificates. Lots of pictures were taken. The rest of the long evening was spent with eating from the tasteful buffet and drinking at the bar.

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