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The CPG turns Five!

The CGP Turns Five - and Has Many Projects to Pursue in the Next Five Years

News from Sep 07, 2012

The past years have seen an expansion in the CGP work in several areas. The team members as well as the broad array of projects have more than doubled, we established a distinguished international advisory board, and created an interactive alumni network. In addition, we are constantly working on new ideas that will further shape the identity and future of the CGP.

First, we plan to offer certificate modules to professionals who do not have the time to study a full MA degree online. Interested parties in modules such as migration, global risks or international trade and finance will have the opportunity to choose between tailored options from the CGP programs.

Secondly, we will work towards offering professional training to the corporate sector inside and outside of Germany. Businesses seeking to train their managers in negotiation techniques, intercultural practises, and rhetoric will be offered a broad array of workshops to educate their personnel both online and offline.

Thirdly, to further develop our master’s programs, we are discussing options to integrate East European Studies (EES) and International Relations (IR) Online into a two-track program providing professionals with the opportunity to choose between different learning paths and to create a unique portfolio of skills and competencies as a stepping stone for developing their careers and entering into a comprehensive professional and personal network of dedicated scholars and practitioners.

Within five years, the CGP may also develop into a more independent organization under the roof of Freie Universität Berlin. We are exploring options to found a non-profit limited liability corporation that will allow the CGP to create and implement more tailormade and cutting-edge programs.

None of this would be possible without the dedicated work and the personal and professional commitment of our partners, lecturers, and the CGP team. Thank you!

We look forward to shaping the evolving CGP projects together and to continue creating excellent and innovative education projects around the world.

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