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CGP Advisory Board

Yesterday the Center for Global Politics Board met for the second time.

News from Jul 06, 2012

The Henry-Ford-Bau of Freie Universität Berlin hosted this year's meeting. Participants were Michael Harms (German-Russian Chamber of Commerce Moskau), Robert Legvold (Marshall Shulman Professor Emeritus Columbia University), Justas Paleckis (Member of the European Parliament), Hans-Friedrich v. Ploetz (former ambassador, German-Russian Youth Exchange), Gesine Schwan (Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance) and Oliver Wieck ( The Voice of German Industry). After the welcome by Mr. von Ploetz, Klaus Segbers, director of the CGP, presented a short overview of 5 years CGP. Then Katrin Risch explained the recent alumni survey and reported how our alumni act and interact in a changing world. Kristina Klinkforth followed with some words on a changing education landscape and the design implications for the CGP. Julia Gerlach introduced the new CGP mentoring idea. And finally Daniela Schmidt and Wendy Stollberg presented the newsletter for the advisory board The evening ended with a relaxed dinner at the nearby restaurant Arcimboldo.



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