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New Modules

This week, students started with the law and the history modules.

News from Apr 20, 2012

Law and History belong to our disciplinary modules. During the two year master's program, each discipline (Economics, Society, Humanities, Law, Politics, History) presents its approach towards an analysis of the current developments in Eastern Europe. The modules focus on basic theoretical approaches and working methods as well as on the relevant elements of knowledge concerning Eastern Europe from the point of view of each discipline.

Thus the law module conveys basic knowledge of East European law based on the description and analysis of four model East European countries: the Russian Federation, Estonia, Macedonia, and the Czech Republic. The goal of the module is not only to deepen the knowledge about East European law, but also to train the skill to process legal information. In a case study students can practice the application of law.

In the history module, students observe and discuss major problems of the East European history. They develop generic skills in the application of the history knowledge to the analysis of current politics and policies.
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