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Career Day

 CGP students profited from a variety of workshops today.

News from Feb 29, 2012

The program teams of East European Studies (EES), International Relations Online (IRO), and GSGP had invited their students to the 2012 Career Day.  These were the workshops offered that students could chose from this time:

1) European Careers: This workshop will address questions such as: How to join the European Union and its organs? What do pathways for European careers look like, and which entry requirements do I have to meet to be considered for positions on different entry levels? The workshop will discuss the EU concourse specifically and ways to prepare for it. In addition, it will look at EU internship opportunities and financing options.

2.) My Personal Strategy in Life: Lifelong learning means to be able to use your experiences and knowledge in a way that transforms them into new aptitudes and resources. A new phase begins after having mastered the challenge of graduating from university. Being aware of the whole range of your competencies and developing your personal strategy are the next steps towards achieving your goals in life. You will learn to know some useful self-coaching tools and models (e.g., competencies’ assessment, strategic goal definition, assessment of personal values) that help you gain a clearer picture of what you want for your future.

3) Confidence in Presenting Yourself in Interviews and at Assessment Centers: Winning at assessment centers and in interviews has to do with having a positive attitude and being able to convince others of the value you can contribute to their organizations. In this mini-seminar you will learn and practice the basics of how to assert yourself in pressure situations. This will include preparing and holding a self-presentation with feedback, starting to identify potential challenges in the area of conflict management during meetings and (as much as the time allows) improving your overall confidence level and self-image.

4) Effective Applications: The focus of the workshop lies on the effective preparation and design of resumes/CVs and cover letters as well as the answering of job interview questions with a strong emphatic voice in order to make a solid first impression to the reader/interviewer. The workshop is not merely informative. There will not only be input from the instructor, participants will be provided the opportunity to put their understanding and skills to the test in designing resumes and practicing critical aspects of the job interview. Participants are requested to create their own resume/CV in advance of the workshop and take it along.

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