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Alumni Survey

 96% of all survey participants would recommend the CGP program they completed to a friend.

News from Jan 26, 2012

The  extensive alumni survey was conducted on behalf of the Center for Global Politics in 2011. Data was collected in the last two weeks of October. Recipients of our questionnaire were the alumni of the two M.A. programs (East European Studies and International Relations Online), the various seasonal schools and the German School Russia program, all offered by the CGP between 2003 and 2011. About 40% of our alumni responded.

The survey attempted to find out how the CGP degree/certificate influenced the career development of our former students as well as to receive more information about the Alumni Network and to expand it whilst updating the alumni contact details. About 45 % of all alumni who answered this question stated that they were in the same employment situation as before participating in a  CGP program, but for 55% the employment situation changed. The largest group, about 60%, had no promotions. The second largest group (25%)  had one promotion, about 12% were promoted two times and some  could even report three (1%) or more than four (2%) promotions.

The question "Overall how did your program at CGP meet your career goals?" got positive feedback from most alumni. They seem to be most satisfied with content (over 80% satisfied/very satisfied), analytical skills (over 70%), soft skills (70%) and networking (over 60%). Negative feedback was generally very rare. What makes us particularly happy is that the very majority of all survey participants (96%) would recommend the CGP program they completed to a friend considering a masters program or seasonal school. A mere number of 4% would not recommend the program they took (most of them because of the cost).

We will certainly analyze all answers in detail to find out how we can improve our programs to meet our students' needs even better. A big thanks to all our alumni who took the trouble to answer our questions!
72 / 100