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Instructors' Workshop

Our first workshop on online teaching and research with several instructors from EES and IR Online proved a success.

News from Oct 19, 2011

On October 15, 2011, the workshop took place all day long in the Seminaris-Campus Hotel Berlin. After the welcome by Professor Klaus Segbers, Edda Gruitrooy, personal assistant of FU Berlin Vice President Prof. Bongardt, explained the Bologna process and its effects on the Master’s programs East European Studies (EES) and International Relations (IR) Online. How will the new mandatory assignment structure affect our programs? Global, European and local contexts for education and their consequences were discussed. Then we continued with an analysis of our quality standards for teaching and research. The next major point dealt with the Master's theses: How can students be supported in writing research proposals and defining research questions?

In the afternoon we continued with the assessment of best practice examples and new ideas for online teaching. The instructors enjoyed the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas. Our last topic was plagiarism: how to prevent it,  how to detect it, and how to proceed further. Again a lively discussion ensued, but without reaching agreement on policies and consequences in detected cases.

We will certainly repeat such a workshop to bring together our instructors and to profit from them for the improvment of our programs.

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