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Visit to Bundestag

Our students greatly enjoyed the guided tour through the German  Bundestag.

News from Oct 14, 2011

After classes on Wednesday, we traveled to the center of Berlin for a visit of the Reichstag building. This historical monument has housed the German parliament under quite different governmental systems. After extended security procedure, we could finally enter the building. We were met by our guide who turned out to be just fantastic. She gave us all the details on the building and its changeful history, mentioning a lot we could laugh about. Beside the graffiti left by the victorious Russian soldiers at the end of World War II, she pointed out the various works of art that decorate the hallways. We then were particularly impressed by the records on those members of parliament who were prosecuted during the times of the Nazis. Quiet settled on our group when we rested for a moment in the room of silence. The more we talked again in the plenary chamber. Who would have thought that the upholstery of the members of parliament's chairs is of the specific color Reichstagsblue and as such is copyright protected, but alas not sun protected? The dome was closed for cleaning purposes. But as conclusion of the tour, we walked on the roof top and enjoyed the view on night time Berlin.

84 / 100


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