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Alumni Flyer

A flyer describing the features and oppurtunities offered by the CGP Alumni Association has just been published.

News from Nov 07, 2011

The Center for Global Politics has a number of programs: International Relations Online, East European Studies Online, German Studies Russia, Seasonal Schools in China, Syria, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Vietnam. All in all – around 25 countries over the globe, hundreds of professionals worldwide! They have different cultural and professional backgrounds but they share the same interest towards global politics and international affairs as well as a passion for developing themselves as open-minded citizens of the world.

The idea of assembling these alumni in a network came up in 2008 as the number of CGP alumni steadily grew and they started developing their careers. The mission of the alumni network is to bring together the diverse CGP alumni for the benefit of their further personal and professional development and to support the CGP. The network was created for all CGP alumni to foster their careers and give them the unique opportunity to find contact persons in different countries and cultures. It enables our alumni to share information about their diverse experiences, get help and advice, organize mind-storming with like-minded people for working out new ideas in the process of open, free and informal communication.

You find the flyer describing the alumni organization here. It contains a membership request form.
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