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Second Year

The summer break being over, our students start into their second year.

News from Aug 22, 2011

Our second year students now begin with Law and Project Management. Besides the general basics for these two subjects, the  particularities concerning Eastern Europe will be considered..

The Law module introduces to law in general as well as to international law and international organizations. The law of the European Union is treated in particular. The constitutional law of four model countries - the Russian Federation, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Macedonia - is explained. At the end of the module, students have to work on a case study. They may chose a case in Constitutional Law, European Law or  Minority Issues and state the solution according to what they learned.

The Project Management module likewise introduces to the knowledge and techniques of project management, in particular in the context of East European culture. The units deal with the main tools, project initiation, project communication management, work breakdown structure , time scheduling, cost estimation and budgeting, risk management, project leadership and last not least group dynamics & team building.

We hope our students will enjoy these modules as they did the ones they worked on before.
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