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A few places are still available for our next run starting in October 2011. Apply now!

News from Jul 26, 2011

Do you want to enhance your career now with a Master’s degree in East European Studies? The Center for Global Politics seeks qualified candidates interested in advancing their international careers. Not all places for our ninth run are taken yet.

Program Highlights.
- English language coursework attracting an international community
- Staying on the job while working towards your degree
- Bridging the classroom with real world issues through field research
- Rewarding in-house classes in Berlin, Germany supplementing online modules
- Fellow students with diverse professional experience and backgrounds
- Faculty from a broad array of international institutions

With E.U. expansion and a rapidly changing Europe, our program puts students at the forefront of this dynamic international arena. Our accredited interdisciplinary M.A. program prepares students for high-level Eastern Europe-related assignments in business, public sector, non-governmental and international organizations. East European Studies (EES) Online was named a Top Ten International Master’s Degree Course in Germany.

We welcome your application!



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