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Master's Thesis

It's time for our second year students to hand in a synopsis of their planned master's thesis.

News from Apr 18, 2011

Our seventh run students are approaching the last part of the East European Studies (EES) Online program, namely the writing of the Master’s thesis. This is the last step towards completing the master's degree. 

Students select any East European Studies Online instructor they would like to be their supervisor and then discuss and settle the topic with her/him. They are asked to hand in a synopsis of about 400 to 500 words on the planned Master’s thesis. The topic should be concise and specify a problem that can be treated within the limits of such a study (approximately 12.000 words).

Work on the Master’s thesis begins after all modules have been passed. Students have three months to finish their thesis.

Here is an excerpt from East European Studies Online's regulation on exams:

§ 6

Master’s thesis

(1) The Master’s thesis is designed to show that the students are able to work on an issue applying scientific methodology and to present their results adequately, evaluating them critically.

(2) The Master’s thesis shall contain approximately 40 pages (approximately 12,000 words) and be completed with a note section and a bibliography. The clear definition of the issue, the use of theoretical models and the correct form shall be of special importance.

(3) The content of the Master’s thesis shall be closely connected to the contents of the program. The Master’s thesis will be assessed by two examiners, one of which should be the supervisor. The examination board will issue the subjects.

(4) The thesis shall be written in English. The time for completion is three months. The meeting of the deadlines shall be registered.

(5) The thesis shall be assessed with the grades according to § 13 sub-section 6 SfAP. The grade of the Master’s thesis is the arithmetical mean of the individual notes of the two examiners; the certificate will only show the first decimal.

(6) Any Master’s thesis graded “failed” (4.1 to 5.0) can be repeated once.


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