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Online Studies

After five days of interesting as well as ardous in-house classes, our students returned home for their online studies filled with new enthusiasm and motivation.

News from Mar 08, 2011

On February 28, we could welcome our students to Berlin again. For the seventh run, we started with informing on the master’s thesis. Yes, indeed it’s time already for this run too to think about a topic and to chose a supervisor for their final task in achieving their degree. Afterwards, classes began with Intercultural Communication. The eight run started with Economics. In the evening, we met in the Restaurant Potemkin where we enjoyed Russian food.
Tuesday was this year’s career day. Students from East European Studies (EES) Online, International Relations (IR) Online and the Graduate School could choose between five different workshops on career planning, international or European recruitment, time and self management, or effective presentations. Besides acquiring skills necessary for a job as well as for studying, they could mingle with students from the other CGP programs. Most of the participants enjoyed their workshop a lot and claimed that they had indeed acquired useful information and techniques. In the afternoon, we organized our first alumni speed dating where our present students met and connected with our alumni.
From Wednesday through Friday, classes continued with Politics, Migration, European Integration, and Globalization for the seventh run. Program director Klaus Segbers taught part of the Politics module. The eight run was busy with Conflict Management, History and Project Management. They visited the Berghof Conflict Research Centre, a think tank operating at the interface between conflict research and peace policy.On Thursday, former US Ambassador to Germany (from 1997 to 2001) John C. Kornblum delivered an address at the East European Studies and International Relations Online farewell dinner. Currently senior counsellor to the international law firm Noerr LLP and senior adviser to the worldwide consultancy Accenture, he has a long record of service in the United States and Europe both as a diplomat and as a businessman. He is recognized as an eminent expert on U.S.-European political and economic relations, in particular in Central and Eastern Europe. His rather provocative key note speech touched several very interesting issues. A lively discussion ensued. This was a very stimulating event. Last not least, the buffet was great.On Friday evening, students left for home again. Now they face another online period. We hope that the motivation and fun reloaded during these in-house classes will keep up their spirits for a long time.
Coffee break during in-house classes at East European Studies
An important part of our in-house classes are the coffee breaks. Students always find a lot to talk about with their fellow students from their or the other run.


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