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CGP Alumni Workshop in Vietnam

13 alumni from different CGP programs gathered in Hoi An working on enriching the alumni network with ideas and concrete projects.

News from Sep 10, 2010

Our four-day CGP Alumni Workshop in Hoi An (Vietnam) just came to an end. Four EES Online alumni from the 1st, the 2nd (two) and the 5th run and several alumni from the CGP’s seasonal schools, the M.A. program IR Online and the Moscow program GSR developed concepts and set agendas on how to make the CGP Alumni Network more viable for everyone. Soon we can expect major improvements and new projects in the field of newsletters, the CGP Internet Alumni Forum, social network sites (Facebook and more), sponsoring and international events. Each and everyone of the CGP alumni is asked to get actively involved in the network, give their own ideas, meet friends from many different countries and exchange opinions, pictures, news and suggestions for jobs and conferences with them. Please ask our CGP alumni coordinator Katrin Risch (katrin.risch@fu-berlin.de) for more information.