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Authors: Roland Götz/Nikita Lomagin
Instructor: Dmitri Mitin
Credits: 8

Main goals

Energy constitutes a major lifeline in all societies and one of the most crucial sources of maintaining and developing global life. At the same time, “the energy business” is a very complex topic. In order to understand it, one must deal with a myriad of different issues connected to this topic. The module focuses on energy policy and energy security stressing the different perceptions on energy security in importing and exporting nations. The contemporary development in providing energy security on global, regional and national levels will be discussed. Special attention will be given to the EU-Russia energy dialogue as well as to energy policies, of the former Soviet states. Students will analyze the current developments in the energy sector from political, economic, legal, and environmental angles.

General topics

  • Global politics and security: challenges for the 21st century
  • Energy economics: resources and markets
  • Energy economics: business and trade (pricing systems, energy contracts, subsidies)
  • Energy and rules: institutions and governance
  • Energy and security: dependences and supply
  • Environment and economics: markets, business, trade, alternative/renewable energy
  • Environment and rules: institutions and governance
  • Environment and security: environmental changes and security implications
  • Energy projects: Nabucco pipeline, Nordstream pipeline, exploration of the Arctic
  • Regional focus: Russia and EU
  • Outlook on energy future