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Studying East European Studies is an intense learning experience, so collegial relations with faculty members make a difference to your studies.

The program's modules are taught by renowned scholars and experts from within and beyond the region – some bring international perspectives, as well as boundless localized knowledge. The international network of our faculty is a core element of the program's uniqueness and complements its high quality standards.

Julia Eder

Julia Eder has a degree in International Management and is a certified EU fundraiser and project manager. She teaches the Project Management module.

Prof. Dr. Irina Busygina

Irina Busygina works in the Department of Politics, National Research University "Higher School of Economics" in Saint Petersburg. She teaches the Politics module.

Daria Bocharnikova

Daria Bocharnikova lived and worked in Yekaterinburg and Saint Petersburg, undertook postgraduate studies in Italy and the US. She teaches the Humanities module.

Dr. Barbara Dietz

Barbara Dietz is Associated Researcher, Department of Economics, Leipniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), Regensburg. She teaches the Migration module. .

Dr. Stephan Heidenhain

Stephan Heidenhain studied law in Tübingen and Berlin (FU). He teaches the Law module.

Ilya Kalinin

Ilya Kalinin is an Associate Professor at Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St.-Petersburg State University. He teaches the Humanities module.

Dr. Georgiy Kasianov

Georgiy Kasianov is from the Institute of History of Ukraine (Kyiv), at the National University 'Kyiv Mohyla Academy'. He teaches the History module.

Prof. Andrey Makarychev

Andrey Makarychev is Professor of Government and Politics at the University of Tartu, Estonia. He teaches the Globalization module.

Dr. Dmitri Mitin

Dmitri Mitin is professor at the School of International and Public Affairs at North Carolina State University. He teaches the Energy module.

Dr. Pari Namazie

Pari Namzie is a member of the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR) Europe. She teaches the Intercultural Communication module.