Hannah Kleine-Katthöfer

"In the modern world it is important to have something flexible, which you can adapt to your needs and the blended learning, which we use in Eastern European studies, is independent in time and place."


Brian Barber

"...I've decided that I would like to try to find myself involved with the OSCE or an organisation that would work in conflict resolution, or the democratisation of Ukraine… Or something of this effect, and I really believe that this program is going to be the pivotal point of getting me there."



"Firstly this program is a kind of unique. You don't find so many programs foccused on this region. [...] This program I am hoping is going to help me being able to make this analysis. "

Tatjana Meijvogel-Volk Testimonial

Tatjana Meijvogel-Volk

Project Manager International Politics


In-house classes.

Our students are here again! Highlights of the week are a guided tour of the Museum of European Cultures and the graduation ceremony.