Career Day Workshop for EES Students

CGP Presentation
A presentation was given about the CGP's activities during the in-house classes. Image: Private

Students taking part in the Eastern European Studies in-house classes have taken part in ‘Career Day’

News from Feb 24, 2016

The Center for Global Politics’ (CGP) February in-house classes for 2016 have now reached their midpoint. Taking place at the Henry Ford Building at Freie Universität Berlin, these classes are a major part of the blended learning experience. Today students from East European Studies (EES) participated in a new addition to the week of classes called ‘Career Day’.

Instead of lectures and discussions about specific topics related to their field of study, students on Career Day learn vital workplace skills for their careers as well as new techniques for conducting research. Students chose from a number workshops on different skills to learn and then went about putting them into practice.

“The workshop provides me with the basic knowledge I need to use Excel and how to use this [program] for research tasks,” said one student about a course on using the full potential of Excel. Another remarked on the “cool shortcuts for research” they learned at their workshop.

Once the Career Day workshops were completed, the Eastern European Studies students then gathered together with their counterparts in other programs for a detailed presentation about the Center for Global Politics. This presentation explained the different programs run at the CGP allowing students to have a better understanding and more information on where they fit in within the center and its alumni.

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