A Week of In-house Classes Begins for EES

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The 2016 CGP in-house class students, teachers and coordinators. Image: Private

A fresh week of in-house classes for Eastern European Studies (EES) students has begun at the Center for Global Politics

News from Feb 22, 2016

This week is an exciting one for the Center for Global Politics, as once again the latest round of in-house classes has begun. Starting this Monday morning, students from around the world who take part in the East European Studies (EES) blended learning masters program are meeting at the CGP within Freie Universität Berlin.

Following their arrival, the Eastern European Studies student cohort gathered together with their fellow peers, lecturers and program coordinators for a group photo on the steps of Henry Ford Building. Even the rather poor weather could not dampen the cheerful atmosphere and all of the students were ready to dive straight away into their first day of in-house classes for 2016.

The Master of Arts Eastern European Studies in-house classes themselves are a key component of the CGP’s blended learning master programs. Despite the fact that these programs are conducted mostly online, the in-house classes - held roughly every 6 months - give students the ability to meet together in a single location and learn as a cohort. Not only does this help them gain some of the benefits of learning about Eastern Europe in a historic city in the region, it also helps them socialize among their peers and build up contacts for later in life.

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