Stand Alone Module on East European Law

European Court of Justice
EU law is just one of several complex legal structures in Eastern Europe. Source: Wikipedia.

Join the Center for Global Politics Module on East European Law starting in January 2016 and get acquainted with the legal approach towards political and social developments in the Eastern European context.

News from Nov 23, 2015

Starting on January 25, the Center for Global Politics offers a Stand Alone Module on East European Law. The module will provide students with a basic knowledge of East European law based on the analysis of four model East European countries representing different legal traditions: Czech Republic, Estonia, (the Former Yugoslav Republic of) Macedonia and the Russian Federation. Second, they will get acquainted with the repective legal approaches towards legal and social developments and the ways of conducting research on East European law with a focus on constitutional law in the model countries. Third, the module aims not only to gather information on the subject but also to train the skills to process individual pieces of legal information. Under the supervision of our Prague-based expert Dr. Stephan Heidenhain students will be able to practice the law application in a case study format.

After the collapse of the Eastern Bloc twenty five years ago, the law systems of the Central, Southeastern and Eastern European countries unfolded individually and turned to be a fascinating study object comprised of different layers of legal tradition, e.g. Habsburg, Austrian and Soviet in the Czech case or Czarist Russian, Swedish, German and again Soviet in the Estonian case, as well as varying levels of informality. Sign up for the CGP law module and gain a thorough understanding of this essential feature of the sociopolitical environment in the broader Eastern Europe!

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