New opportunities with EES in-house classes

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Students are now 3 days into their week of in-house clases and face-to-face learning. Image: Private.

Students are learning together, and developing interpersonal connections of CGP’s unique in-house classes.

News from Sep 30, 2015

East European Studies (EES) is now well into its week of in-house classes at the Center for Global Politics (CGP). This period gives students from the Eastern European Studies program the ability to meet in person, opening up new opportunities for communication and peer learning. The week began with an introduction to the campus of the Berlin Freie Universität, followed by a large amount of time allocated for socializing between the students.

Following on from this, the CGP students have undertaken a number of modules on different topics, and enjoyed the real benefits of learning in person, as opposed to via a screen. Some of the topics covered included a module on international law held by Prof. Andreas von Staden as well as a module of the enigma of Russian politics, chaired by Prof. Sergei Medvedev. Furthermore, some students have been taking part in a ‘Simulation Game’ over the course of the week where they are debating possible approaches the EU can take on the question of asylum seekers.

This evening the events will continue when students will be given a chance to meet with the Program Director of the CGP, Prof. Klaus Segbers. This will then be followed by further opportunities for socialization between the students and faculty staff. The goal of these events is to provide an experience that extends what can be expected from an average online course, in order to provide students, in many ways the best of both worlds: distance learning and interpersonal connections.

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