EES In-House Class On Russia with Prof. Medvedev

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Students gathered at the Center for Global Politics for the start of a week of in-house classes. Image: Private.

Eastern European Studies week of in-house classes has started with the interesting module ‘Russia: Eternal Enigmas’ chaired by Prof. Sergei Medvedev.

News from Sep 29, 2015

A significant week has begun for the Center for Global Politics. Yet again we are hosting our in-house classes over the course of this week for students of our East European Studies (EES) Online program.

During this week of in-house classes, Eastern European Studies students from all over the world meet together to work through educational modules hand-picked by the CGP staff. One of the more interesting of these so far was the Russia: Eternal Enigmas module. Held this morning, this module, despite its name, aims to show students that while Russia is viewed by many as an enigma, this is in fact not the case. Rather, through an in-depth examination of Russia’s past and present, students can put the country’s actions into perspective and use this to perhaps predict its future trajectory.

Hosting this module is Prof. Sergei Medvedev, a professor of political science from the Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow, Russia. Medvedev is perhaps uniquely qualified to educate the Eastern European Studies in-house class students on this issue, having studied and worked as an educator in both in the former Soviet Union as well as Europe and the US. Through this experience, he knows better than most how Russia’s actions are viewed both internally and externally.

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